Newsletter January 28, 2018


I hope that you have had another great week filled with joy, love and learning.

Speaking of love and learning, our own Cristian Saldivar is tackling his love for storytelling and learning by creating a Valentine’s Day audio story about love for Connect.

You can participate with your own love story by submitting either a clean audio recording or a written version that can be read and recorded by someone else on your behalf. Email your story (audio or written) to Cristian:

Not sure how to get a clean audio recording? Come to this week’s meeting and learn. 🙂

This week’s meeting (Wednesday, 1/31, 5-5:45 p.m., lobby off of PRW 107) will be all about audio. Our esteemed adviser, Dr. Casey Frechette, will make sure that attendees leave with practical, audio storytelling knowledge. (I’m not sure if he’s leading the meeting himself or bringing in a special guest. It’s a surprise.)

Last week’s guest speaker Kenny Owen, the digital content producer for WWSB (the suncoast ABC affiliate), taught us that we need to be jacks-of-all-trades. Videographers and podcasters (and even broadcasters) need strong audio knowledge, and audio knowledge also helps photographers and writers to expand their marketable skill sets. The more we can offer, the more jobs that become available to us. You can see Kenny’s work here.

This week, we would also like to share work by Amanda Drapiewski, a faithful member and our vice president.

If you ever have anything that you would like for us to share, it can be any form of media that you created, just send us the link, and we’ll put it in here. It can be professional work, academic or even personal projects. We want to see what you’re doing and to help you to get it out there.

We hope to see you on Wednesday, but if not, you can keep up with us by following us on Twitter or FB, signing up for this newsletter, joining our Slack general channel or emailing us at

Yours in joy, love and learning,
Lorien Mattiacci
President, ONA USFSP