What we do

The Online News Association USFSP is the University of South Florida St. Petersburg chapter of the Online News Association, a well-respected, international journalism organization.

We provide opportunities in the field of communications for students from any major: opportunities to connect with like-minded peers and professionals in their chosen field, opportunities to learn new storytelling skills and opportunities to practice and apply these skills in service to campus and community organizations.

Our members start or join groups that reflect their professional interests and recruit others to join them.

We find professionals who can teach our members digital journalism skills. We host meetings, trainings and events that help students to learn professional digital journalism skills.

We work with organizations on campus and in the wider community to allow students to hone those skills through practice and application while providing a valuable service to the organizations and building student resumes and portfolios.

Through this interaction with the professional community, students make valuable contacts who may be able to mentor them, hire them as interns or employees, or introduce them to others who can.

Are you a current student who wants to join our ranks? Join us on PeteSync.

Are you a professional or organization who would like to work with us? Contact us.