The Online News Association USFSP is the University of South Florida St. Petersburg chapter of the Online News Association, a well-respected, international journalism organization. We started this organization to offer opportunities beyond the classroom to students from any major.

We accept all USFSP students from all majors. Students join for free on PeteSync. Non-students cannot join. (But you can always contact us to collaborate, and there is likely an ONA Local group for the Tampa Bay Area.)

Follow the links below or in the menu to explore the wonder that is ONA USFSP.

About– learn more about the opportunities that we offer to students and partner organizations

People– learn more about who we are

Blog– learn who we really are

Work– see what we’ve done

Are you a current student who wants to be listed here among our ranks? Join us on PeteSync.

Are you a professional or organization who would like to work with us? Contact us.