Those who have graduated from our ranks

Indhira Suero Acosta

Our first secretary who has returned to the Dominican Republic and continued her successful blog, La Negrita Come Coco

Amanda Drapiewski

Our third vice president, ran the SEAS collaboration project, ran most of the recorded and edited videography from ACES 2018, and has gone on to become a full time marketing professional

Shannon Gazdacka

Started the video storytelling group and ran it for a year, had a student film featured at the Cannes Film Festival, was a band leader in high school, has had her own production company and now works as the junior videographer for Southeastern Guide Dogs

Vanya Iliev

Our first vice president who now works at the Poynter Institute full time, teaches at the University of Tampa and has a freelance media production business

Skyla Luckey

Our second vice president, started and ran the broadcast group, started our Facebook page, starred in most of the live coverage of the ACES conference 2017, ran the live coverage for ACES 2018 and is now a news producer

Sarah Mason

Our second treasurer who went on to work full time for Raymond James

Mike Moore

Our second secretary who went on to succeed Devin as the editor in chief of the Crows Nest

Devin Rodriguez

Helped to edit most of our podcasts and blogs for the first ACES conference and trained the team in storytelling techniques, went on to become the editor in chief of the Crow’s Nest and now covers breaking news for the Tampa Bay Times

Brigitta Shouppe

Our first treasurer who helped to organize our first playdate and has since been featured as a top 40 under 40 in the Business Observer as a freelance marketing professional

Amanda Sosnowski

Religiously attended video storytelling meetings and every video storytelling class and is now a producer for a film company